Is Solar Power Right For You? Here’s A Quick Guide

Do you want to fully invent your home’s power source to a solar electric system? Not surprising, many people these days are supporting the green revolution — turning to more renewable sources of energy for their daily consumption.

You can easily find a cheap solar company solution if you want to go solar. But before doing this, you need to ask: Are you ready to fully use solar power for your home? Is this option right for you? Here are a few things you need to consider.


One factor you need to consider before calling that cheap solar company solution is where you live. The technology for solar panels is much better than it is several years as it could now produce sufficient energy even on cloud days. But some areas are better candidates for solar power. Areas in states like California, Florida, and Texas are places that some may consider good for solar power; on the other hand, places in Alaska, where there is limited sun exposure, may be considered poor candidates.

Of course, you can talk to your solar company to discuss whether or not converting to solar power for home is a wise and feasible idea.

Other than the area, you should also consider if your home has an area with good sun exposure. This area should have minimal shading. But take note that your solar panels don’t necessarily have to be placed on your roof, especially if this isn’t the area of your home that gets the best sun exposure. You can ask your installer before for opinion on what you can do to get maximum exposure for your solar panels.

Reports say the best roofs for solar panels are those that face south or west.

If you are going to install the solar panel on your roof, make sure it’s in good condition. You will end up reinstalling your solar panels if you replace your roof (if you have to repair your roof, repair it before installing the solar panels).


Cost is important consideration as well. While there is most likely a cheap solar company solution you can contact, the whole process of installing solar panels and converting your power source to solar power can be costly.

If you’re planning to use solar power to save money on your power consumption, remember that the pay off won’t be quick — especially if your monthly power bill isn’t big, to begin with.

Consider this: will you still be willing to use solar power for your home if you find out it might take 20 years for to recover the cost?

It’s also a good idea to get your monthly electric bill average since your energy consumption will determine the size (and the cost) of your home solar power system.

But do take note: In some states in the United States, the government will offer a 30 percent tax credit on your solar power system. This means if you convert to solar power, you will get a 30 percent tax rebate on the cost of its installation.

Converting to solar power does offer a number of benefits as well, so make sure to call your cheap solar company solution to find out the options available to you.

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