VISUO XS809HW Review

VISUO XS809HW is a multi-faceted drone with a fantastic and smooth style. The most awesome part about this wow drone is that it is foldable and thus very convenient to bring around. The style and style of this drone is quite identical to the popular DJI Mavic pro. However you will not believe that the cost of this foldable drone is as low as $47!

The upgraded form of VISUO XS809W cost variety drone has an installed camera with Wi-Fi FPV service which provides you with the super-cool FPV encounter. This one has got it fairly hot, who doesn’t really like FPV?

Are you a beginner into RC traveling but really into the stuff? Well, you need not fear because VISUO XS809HW is straightforward to fly. You must be thinking how – well, you can fly it with your smart phone with Severity Indicator Operate – yes that is right!


  • The RTF RC quadcopter’s higher hands are camera to generate this very cellular, like in a back pack (similar to DJI Mavic Pro).
  • Level keep difference provides relatively stable flight for even more continuous video. (Keep under consideration, the existing difference being provided is nowadays only provided with elevation grip).
  • Could be managed as well as traveled via its own operator or your smartphone/tablet. Controller changes are all of effectively recognized.
  • Information relatively top high quality 720p 20fps HD FPV videos right to a microSD display storage placed right into the RTF RC quadcopter. Will furthermore papers movie to your cellphone through Wifi, having said that the Wifi sent videos is actually of decreased VGA high quality.
  • Camera lenses can be turned up (to look at sky as well as horizon), or down (to eliminate items off camera view).
  • XSW UFO app is actually available on Search Perform below and apple iTunes here.
  • Great control as well as FPV sequence of regarding 80 meters.
  • Headless method and one essential come back.


  • Exclusive power.
  • Today just available with elevation keep. Advanced boat captains and also above may ignore having more responsive accelerator control of a non-elevation shop RTF RC quadcopter.

The VISUO XS809HW camera in this fill of martyrdom can point by 120 levels views and capture at 720 p, how excellent is that. Moreover, battery power potential allows you to fly it for about 15 moments and brings you to a drive filled with 3D flicks, headless ways, varying rate rule and one-key come back function. Flying this drone is really going to be fun overloaded!

   Variable rate modes

And also keep under consideration that there is actually furthermore a less expensive decreased agreement 0.3 MP difference (does certainly not have 720p HD video camera). Don’t be actually a scrooge, as you are going to definitely repent that gradually when you take notice of the insufficient video recording that this makes.

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