wltoys 12428

Wltoys 12428 ACROSS 2.4GHz 4WD Off Street Vehicle Review

Gearbest has sent us the rather boringly known as Wltoys 12428 1/12 off-road vehicle to take a better look at. Despite the rather tedious name your vehicle itself looks like a whole fill of fun. So let’s take a better look.

The first factor I did was to take a look though the instructions. There are general instructions on how to run the car and maintain it. Significantly it also has a set up instructions that will confirm important if the car needs to be fixed.

Detailed dis/assembly instructions if you want to remove it down

These are much better than the average R.T.R. which usually just has an increased plan of the car, so that is the smartest factor.

Charge these carefully

The 1500 mah 7.4V (2 cell) lithium Metal battery is an increase up from an ordinary ni-mh. Lithium ion battery are in the same family as the LiPo battery that many of us use in our vehicles, and they can be billed on the lipo setting on an excellent battery charger (ensure you connect in the balance lead and set battery charger to 2 mobile battery).

Soft but for a purpose

The sections are designed from light and portable Lexan and the structure is made from some very sleek plastic. This is actually the smartest factor for its designed whacking objective as it will prevent breaks. The framework itself of WLtoys RC Car and as it is a structure style cart, the opposite causes of the framework areas still make the overall car experience durable.

Universals help guiding keep smooth

The generated practice as a whole looks appealing, the front side end has worldwide generated golf iron shafts, to ensure that you have better cornering, and also do not reduce dog bones.

Central equipment box pushes the front side and the rear

The 4 wheels are turned from a centrally installed equipment box which changes the front and back side worldwide brace golf iron shafts linked with the effective equipment differentials that then rotate the wheels.

Track test

It was a wet and cold winter morning hours. Ideal to evaluate this all landscape ambitions of this WLtoys RC Car. With a media of the throttle the across vehicle forced away. The speed of Wltoys 12428 was excellent especially for a vehicle of its dimension. Significantly the throttle control was precise enough for me to slowly down around the ends, and to energy out once I approved my unreal top.


The Wltoys 12428 across vehicle was quite unexpected. It’s something a bit different to anything I have motivated before and it seemed very capable of rushing around on a wide variety of areas.

One factor I am not eager on is the unusual OEM electrics. I was pleased on how well they conducted, however if one of the electric elements does gradually break, you will have to exchange out most of the electrics at some point. Everything is conventional dimension so factors will fit, but it is a pity that cheap conventional electrics were not involved.

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